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The age of the Internet has resulted in an explosion of digital and communications technologies. The outcomes of this cannot be understated: the ability to carry out an operation from another part of the world; navigate a car using satellite technology previously only available to the military; remotely search for trapped persons after a disaster; talk for free with relatives on the opposite side of the world.
These same digital technologies have also transformed education, not just for use within ICT but also for every curriculum subject: using Google maps in Geography; collaborative working in English; digitally studying the human body in science and much more.
Unfortunately the free and easy use of digital communications has also meant there are risks and dangers to both children and adults.

Digital communication and specifically the Internet have many benefits in today’s society when used appropriately and at Holly House we endeavour to use the photos taken responsibly. The full name of the pupil will never be online and it goes without saying no personal information will be online. E-Safety is not just about safety on the internet but safety while using any electronic equipment including digital cameras. Photographs show uniquely a pupil at work or play,  and we feel it’s an important part of technology to show the photos to parents guardians or carers. Image consent is obtained from all parents/carers on admission to Holly House. If you would not like your child shown in images, please contact the school and they wont be uploaded. For further information on E-Safety, please read our E-Safety Policy, in the documents section.

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