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Team Teach Aims & Objectives

  • To promote the least intrusive positive handling strategy and a continuum of gradual and graded techniques, with an emphasis and preference for the use of verbal, non-verbal de-escalation strategies being used and exhausted before positive handling strategies are utilised. To enable services develop acceptable and authorised responses to disruptive, disturbing, angry and aggressive behaviours in a manner that maintains positive relationships and provides safety for all, by training in Team-Teach. To reduce the amount of serious incidents involving physical controls in all settings and to emphasise the importance of exhausting behaviour management strategies in the first instance.
  • To increase the awareness of staff concerning the importance of recording and reporting, monitoring and evaluating, all incidents involving positive handling.
  • To provide a process of repair and reflection for both staff and children.

Core Course Objectives                                                                                                                                                      

Following successful completion of a Team-Teach Particitioners Course participant will:

  • Be able to state the basic values, rationale and principles of the Team-Teach Approach.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of relevant legal standards and expectations related to use of force.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the reporting, recording, monitoring and evaluating requirements of incidents involving physical controls and reasonable force.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of aggression and conflict, being able to recognise typical signs and causes.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the importance of using de-escalation strategies where possible. Is aware of the concept of the conflict spiral, levels of behaviour and the need for an appropriate staff response in order to maximise the opportunity to calm the incident through non- verbal and verbal strategies where possible.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of a whole setting holistic approach to behaviour management, including the importance of self awareness and self-control whilst managing challenging behaviour.
  • Be able to conduct a follow up process with the service users and is aware of the importance of a support and supervision, repair and reflection process for both staff and individuals involved following a serious incident involving positive handling strategies.
  • Optional: Is able to use positive and protective personal safety skills in order to minimise risk to all involved.

Perform a range of positive handling strategies, gradual and graded, involved in holding, guiding and escorting safety, from least intrusive to more restrictive holds.

  • Use positive handling strategies that provide for a range of appropriate de-escalation’s options including; keeping standing, from standing into chairs, from standing to the floor, into a knees position where possible. Staff to perform a physical technique specific to smaller children (Standing, chairs and ground sitting options).
  • Awareness of the need to avoid taking down to the floor in a supine or prone position, other than in the most exceptional circumstances, for staff to know how to make safe in such a position.
  • Responding to situations where standing fights between service users may happen.

Every member of staff at Holly House is trained in Team Teach, a nationally recognised course. Due to the extreme behaviour of our pupils, Holly House reserves the right to use Restrictive Physical Intervention but only as a last resort and any application of force is Reasonable and Proportionate. The aim of Team Teach is de-escalation, it is only when it is deemed unsafe for the staff/child, damage is being done or a criminal offence is about to/is taking place that Physical Restraint is used.

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