Holly House School


Fundamental British Values(FBV)

At Holly House School we are dedicated to providing a vibrant and inclusive educational environment that prepares our students for active citizenship. We believe in fostering Fundamental British Values (FBV) as an integral component of our educational approach.

Fundamental British Values encompass the following key principles:

  1. Democracy: Ensuring all individuals have a voice that is heard, and decisions are made through fair and transparent processes.
  2. Rule of Law: Upholding the principles of justice and the idea that all individuals are equal under the law.
  3. Individual Liberty: Respecting the rights and freedoms of all individuals, fostering a sense of personal responsibility and self-determination.
  4. Mutual Respect: Valuing the diversity of our school community, treating others with kindness and understanding, and promoting tolerance.
  5. Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs: Encouraging an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of religions, beliefs, and cultures within the wider society.


  • Curriculum Integration: We will embed FBV within our curriculum, particularly withing the PHSE and RE curriculum, ensuring that students have opportunities to explore and discuss these values across different subjects and activities. Therapeutic and social-emotional learning activities are designed to engage students and support their emotional growth.
  • School Council: The elected members of the council are active in the decision-making processes that form the fabric of the school.
  • Promoting Well-being: A strong focus on well-being initiatives that support the mental and emotional health of our students. Emphasis on creating a safe and nurturing environment that encourages open communication and self-expression.
  • Assemblies and Special Events: Regular assemblies and special events will be used to celebrate FBV and promote understanding among students.
  • Classroom Practices: Teachers will incorporate FBV principles into their daily teaching, fostering an environment that encourages discussion, critical thinking, and respect for differing opinions.
  • Behaviour Expectations: FBV principles is linked to our behaviour policy, emphasising the importance of mutual respect and tolerance.

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Rule of Law





Promoting Equality and Inclusion:

Individualised Support: Recognising that each student is unique, we will provide individualised support to ensure that all learners can engage with FBV education.

Partnerships and Community Engagement:

Parental Involvement: Parents are kept informed about FBV-related activities through regular updates, newsletters, and dedicated sections on the school website. We will actively involve parents in promoting FBV, providing information about our approach and encouraging them to support these values at home.

External Partnerships: Collaborating with external organizations and community groups to enrich FBV education and expose students to a wide range of experiences.