Holly House School

Special Educational Needs and Disability

At Holly House School we create an inclusive teaching community that offers all pupils, no matter their needs, abilities or background, a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum. We are committed to offering all pupils the chance to thrive, building ambition to reach their potential. We will achieve this by making reasonable adjustments to teaching, the curriculum and the school environment to make sure that pupils with SEND are included in all aspects of school life.

Holly House provides a holistic approach to support we offer our pupils. Both our school and residential staff work as a team alongside a multitude of outside agencies, regularly reviewing the support and adjustments we offer. This process helps to foster pupil ambition in a way which allows for growth and progression both academically, and socially & emotionally. The extensive links between all the avenues of support available in and around Holly House can be seen in our SEND Provision Map. The SEND Information Report outlines the provision and support we provide for our pupils. 

SEND provision map

SEND Information Report 

All Holly House all pupils have an Education and Health Care Plan which outlines their needs. The use of this plan is key to the ways in which we provide for them every day. We use a system of regular reviews, focussed target setting, and assessment, which in conjunction with strong relationships and close support, allows us to ensure pupils can achieve to their potential.

The primary objective of the school is to enable our pupils to understand their SEMH needs so that they are able to self-regulate and access the full curriculum of a mainstream school from year 9 or earlier. Many pupils come to us due to their behaviours, often resulting from early trauma, and we constantly look behind the behaviour to address the root causes, through a positive behaviour support and trauma informed approach.