Holly House School


Humanities Vision Statement

The world around us is becoming increasingly diverse and inclusive and will present our pupils with widespread challenge and opportunities for development. Humanities at Holly House School aims to prepare all pupils for life after our school, both in their next steps of education and then their future adult lives. 

Whilst with us, as part of humanities, students will have history, geography and RE lessons. It is our vision that through the lesson delivery we will support students to nurture and grow a wide range of skills and knowledge related to the elements of humanity. It is intended that these qualities will allow students to become increasingly curious and open minded, wishing to explore, challenge and ask questions about the world around them. 


At Holly House School we understand the plethora of skill that can be developed through the study of humanities and it’s subsequent subjects. With our curriculum we aim to:

  • Create inquisitive learners who work to challenge and interrogate the world around them.
  • Equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will allow them, where appropriate, to reintegrate back into a mainstream school and gain formal accreditation.
  • Prepare our students for life in an increasingly diverse, inclusive and accessible world.


The National Curriculum provides the basis for our humanities curriculum at Holly House School.

  • Our Key Stage Two classes work predominantly on the core skills needed in each subject whilst developing and broadening their knowledge of the topics covered.
  • Our Key Stage Three classes then develop their understanding and further broaden the skills they have already learnt, through more investigative and analytical projects. This is to prepare them for their potential transition back into a mainstream school. These projects are formed with the GCSE curriculum as inspiration.
  • Each class will cover one History, Geography and RE topic during the academic year, meaning a pupil that attends Holly House for 6 years will cover two terms worth of each subject during their time here. Each class will also have two lessons of humanities per week.


  • Students will be curious and open minded learners and members of society.
  • Children will leave Holly house, equipped with a knowledge of the world and the skills needed to succeed in their further education.