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Message from The Chair of Governors

When I was at school (many more years ago than I would like to admit!),  I had a teacher called Mr Hodges.  His subject was RE but he taught me much more than that.  From him I learned things like how to pursue the things that interested me, how to get on with people, how to learn things I didn't find easy.  He went above and beyond to help me, and many others,  learn some skills for life.....skills I still use every day.  
Here at Holly House our team are all a bit like Mr Hodges, committed to helping our pupils develop the knowledge and life skills they need to make the most of their potential as they grow into adulthood.  We do that by delivering high quality teaching, supportive relationships and a safe, positive environment so that pupils feel safe and secure and able to access all the resources and opportunities that Holly House School offers.
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School Governors (ID 1270)

  • Phil Pierce
    Chair of Governors
  • Steve Pacey
    Vice Chair of Governors - Safeguarding Governor
  • Caroline Bell
    Quality of Education - Governor
  • Jenni Leary
    Finance Governor
  • Ian Sabroe
    School Governor
  • Corina Nicholls
    Parent Governor
  • Nicola Forsyth
    Teacher Governor
  • Harc Hughes