Holly House School

Vision and Values

A community that builds ambition to achieve potential

Holly House School’s purpose is to provide our pupils with engaging learning experiences that are both therapeutic and enriching. We deliver an innovative curriculum in a supportive and enjoyable educational environment that develops the knowledge and skills for our pupils to achieve their best, build aspirations for the future, and to be independent, happy and valuable members of society.

We promote equal opportunities and ensure that the school environment is free from gender and cultural bias. We will grow spiritual and moral values in our children and develop tolerance, respect and understanding of other races, religions and ways of life.

Holly House School aims to provide an outstanding education for children with special needs.

Our Values

At Holly House School we value and respect one another as a community of learners

We share high expectations for all our pupils, who make progress because they are nurtured, cared for and happy.

Enthusiastic staff recognise the challenges faced by our pupils and adapt the curriculum to meet their individual needs. 

We are proud of and celebrate, the many and varied achievements of our pupils.

Our school community champions the values of:

  • Relationship,
  • Respect and
  • Responsibility

We know each child well enough to be able to set ambitious, realistic targets and put in place a structure of support to ensure they achieve them. Success looks different for each child, so we take the time to build personal plans and celebrate the progress they make.