Holly House School

Working in partnership

At Holly House we believe in working together with parents and carers to ensure that all children make the best possible progress. We recognise that this is a partnership and only by working together can we provide the best outcomes for our young people. We will always do our best to ensure we have your child’s best interest in all our decisions. We will provide them an environment that supports their social and emotionally well-being, as well as their academic progress.


We understand however, there may be times during your child’s school life when you wish to discuss concerns regarding their education. As a listening school we have an ‘open door’ policy and would expect parents and carers to come and talk to us. Initially, concerns should be relayed to the class teacher who knows your child best in school. Then, if your concern is not satisfactorily resolved, issues should be taken to the Headteacher or another senior member of staff.

Complaints Procedure

In most cases complaints are successfully resolved informally through discussions with class teachers and the Headteacher. It is anticipated that most concerns will be handled without the need for formal procedures. We acknowledge however that at this point, some concerns may still not be fully resolved. In such circumstances if you feel this is the case for your child, this guide outlines the formal school complaints procedure.

Click on the link to view our Complaints Procedure and Policy